Definitly no kill:
Gregor,Bene,Thomas,some women in my class.My friends.

Isa,Sera,Karin,my 2nd Mum^^,Chris

My mother,my family,our Grocery-Store Man.

Some teacher,like Bernd Vogel (English),Eva Bianchi (German),Prof. Rudischer (Chemistry),Prof. Janauer (Biology),Prof. Stampf (Health).

Definitly kill:

My class.

Some teacher,like..Prof.Christina Hadijannou-Wenz (Physik and Math),Prof. Jana (Latin,but sometimes I like him),Prof. Rammel (Music),Prof. Pechmann (Religion)

Censored Person (Do it for me and I love you)

Well,I think that´s enough for the moment,but I´m sure,some people will come on my list *muha*.