Name: Nikolaus

Family Name: Muchitsch

Age: At the moment 13.

Living Place: Vienna,Austria

Birthday: 04/29/1993

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Red

Weight: 50 kg.

Heigh: ca. 1,66 m.

Right or left hand: Right.

Political Direction: Right (-Extreme).And I´m proud of that.BUT I´M NO NAZI!! (just look down)


Travel destination: USA,Israel,Great Britain,Ireland,Germany.

Food: Steak,Pizza.

Place at home: My room..the Airport.

Language: English


Man:Robbie Williams..

Woman: Christina Aguilera

Actor: Daniel Craig,Brad Pitt,George Clooney,Robert de Niro,Jack Nicolson,Kevin Spacey,Denzel Washington

Actress: Angelina Jolie,Jennifer Aniston


James Bond XXII

Star Wars I-VI

Miami Vice

Legenden der Leidenschaft (I don´t know what it´s called in english.)

Drink: Red Bull,Cola,Beer.

Are you..

Masculine or feminine? I´m masculine

Hetero,Bi or Gay? At this moment I think I´m hetero. (Oh yes.)

Proud to live in Vienna? No.

Good at school? I´m in the middle..

Christian,Jewish,or Islamic? Christian.I hate Islam.

I don´t like..


Turkey (The country,not the bird)

Middle East


The communists

My class


People,who think they are the best


I´m gonna write more than one "Steckbrief".So don´t be sad,if your question isn´t here.If you have a special one,just ask me.