Oh yes, I´m back again.

First of a I have to say (and that´s a very good beginning, I think) that I hate one thing: The political direction left. I saw an interesting article in the TV today, and I read something from one of those "I am fat and ugly, but I have to save the discriminated people"- girls in a forum. Oh-my-god. I hate this. It´s is always (Yes, always) the same. They always tell us the same story. And it´s boring. Espespecially when they are german, and they think that they are the best, and think that Americans are dumb.

Woha, you can´t imagine how angry I get if I read something like this. But always, I have to remember that I can´t do anything against this awful failure in their tiny brains. Whatever, it would be helpless to change the configuration in their brains. One time you are an idiot, you´ll be an idiot for your whole life. Another problem is, that I can´t write posts in this forum. But that´s another theme.

Yes, I wanted to say another thing: I love, yes, I really love Manchester United. I´m sad I didn´t get those tickets for the EM, but if ManU could win the Champions League, it would be a little light for me. They´re playing so beautiful football, that even the brazilians could pack their things and fly home.

I really can say, that this day got much better, since Wayne Rooney shot his second goal. I´m happy, even if I have chemistry- testings tomorrow. But I also learned for this crap, so I don´t have to worry. So, I hope ManU wins the Champions League, and next year, the EM is in Austria. England win will.

But now I have to go, anotherwise I´m too tired tomorrow, and I write a bad mark, and you and me don´t want this. `Cause then I couldn´t write anymore!

Nice greetings from your Commander Nile, sleep tight and well,

Táro aka Commander Nile 

24.4.07 23:18

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Law (17.5.07 14:18)
Ouch. I lost five IQ points by reading this text. My Gosh, I hope some day God could send you some brain...

I really hate one thing: guys, who are talking about things their little minds can't understand. How old are you, dear? 14? 15? You're talking like an little Boy sitting at his PC the whole day, a guy who's the loser at school. ("..People I´d like to kill,or not." Uhum, no comment.)

You need friends, darling. Or a dog. A dog might fit better o__ô

Thesi (17.5.07 14:46)
Oh, Sweetie... Nein, du kennst mich nicht, aber ich mische mich mal ganz dreist ein : D Weißt du :/ Erst mal wollte ich dir sagen, dass es für Mobbingopfer Hilfe gibt, geh mal hier hin:


Da findest du bestimmt irgendwas, darling <3 du darfst deinen Frust nicht auf diese Weise ablassen, du musst dir Hilfe suchen, echt :/ Armer Junge. Du bist auch nur eines dieser armen Opfer der Gesellschaft :/

The_Shadowknight (26.5.07 23:40)
Lol? Woha, didn´t know that I had that much... friends... Well, I think about holding a dog, there is one in my contact list, maybe that one is fine... Could you talk to him to see if he´s perfect for me? Maybe then I´m less angry at this world =)

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