Fuck...I forgot to write something in here, that´s not good... Aw, I dont care, so I´m writing something in here now.

I had math-classwork this wednesday, and today I got this shit back, and...Yeah, it was my average mark. I think I´m not gonna get away from the fucking 4, but what can I do? My list for the second semester isn´t very beautiful...German 4, Latin 5, Math 4. But I think I´m gonna do better in English and in the second classworks.

On wednesday I was in the wonderful land of the darkness. This means, I was at the home of the Gregor/Dante, whatever, and we played Battlefront II, which you can also name Bertelfront II, and then he kicked some Strogg in their asses, when he played Quake 4. Oh, I can´t wait to play with him over internet...We´ll see if he is better than me, but I dont think so, I´m too skilled because I was playing Battlefield 2142 last time.

And...I´m writing a new story. After a long passive time in Star Wars things, I suddenly decided to begin a new part and in I think five days I wrote twentyone pages. In German, but even if I´m not very lucky with my stile, I think that you might enjoy it. Gregor sayd that he enjoyed the first ten pages, but I don´t know if he is lying to me. Oh, little joke, sorry General Dark.

My powerful brain has invented new ideas of Star Wars fanfictions, and I´m going to write a second part of dantes story, but this is Top Secret. So, when I´m finished with my first fanfiction, which plays in the time of the "Rise of the Empire", and describes the wonderful story out of the sight of an Imperial Stormtrooper. But I won´t tell more secrets .

So, finally I´m finished with this entry, but now I will write some more in here, I recognized that I have a blog.

So, till then,


23.3.07 16:48

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