I hate tuesdays.

Wow.I didn´t write a long time,I think..not very good.Yeah,I had something to do,and sometimes,I just want to relax.Maybe by playing a good round BF1942,or playing Quake.Yes,PC-or Mac Games can be very relaxing.Espescially if you´re angry,or just want to shoot around.No,EA didn´t pay me money for advertising.

But back to theme.I´m sure you know the feeling,if someone you like,cheats on you.I don´t like this persons.Maybe I should just cut the bands between my fucking "friends",give them a fine kick in their little asses,and then go home,sit before my pc,and kill NPCs.Maybe even real players,but that makes no real difference.

But he...this dumbass thinks I´m this silly,I wouldn´t  registrate,that he´s cheating on me.No,I´m NOT that silly.And I hate people cheating at me.Never,never do this.No,you won´t die,but I will be very angry at you,and since you don´t want this,you won´t cheat at me,understand?Fine.Dumbass Thomas didn´t understand this,and now I´ll kick him in his little dirty ass,so he understands my law.

By the way:I was in Kopenhagen for 3 days,and it was wonderful.I like northern Europe,it isn´t that shit as Austria is.Even Germany is better.And in Kopenhagen there were riots,tragically I did not registrate them.The were in Norrebro,and we didn´t went up there.Sad,but next time,I´ll help this Che Guevara asses.Police is our all enemy.

But Riots in Ireland are the best ones,I have to say .I don´t know what to write now,so I´ll give up for today.We´ll see us again soon.

Till then,


6.3.07 20:21

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