Once again I have to give up one of my beloved friends..I can´t take it anymore to be the idiot all the time.My friend,I can forgive..I´m able to forget things,but I can´t change things.I still hope you don´t forget the time we had together,but since today I´m not sure if I have a place in your life anymore..I don´t think so.

There were 3 1/2 lucky years,but it was YOUR wish to cut the band of brothers between us.We were best friends you told me,only 2 months ago..I was blindet,but I think I failed to see the signes of time.I dunno what happend with you,I dunno why you´re know that kind of guy,I thought you would never be.

Maybe,I did mistakes,many of them,but you have to know,that you were always one of my best friends..I think,you were my best friend..How lucky I could be,if I could make thinks unhappen..But I don´t have the power to live on in this way.For now on,it´s your way,not ours,and I wish you luck to manage your life,without losing more of your friends.Yes,you need luck to manage that.

All I can say is,that you should find a good doctor.I can´t help you with your problems,you don´t want to,but you should go into a hospital,or talk to someone whos job is to help people like you.Maybe it´s just the age,that makes you that crazy..But from now on,there is one soul less in your world.

There is a song,called NEMO by Nightwish,and the refrain really touches my heart,since I´m listening to it all the time I´m writing this text...

Oh how I wish for soothing rain

All I wish is to dream again

My loving heart,lost in the dark

For hope I´d give right everything..

24.2.07 15:24

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