Sometimes I feel like I´m a very,very big idiot.Like in this moment,as I just had a look at the deepest grounds of mankind.Syphilis doesn´t sound very funny,but after looking at the article on wikipedia,I know better.It isn´t funny.I hope I won´t get any of this morbids.

So,that´s enough of cruel things.I dunno what to write,because in the last days my life seemed (for one of the first times since my 10th birthday) not that bad,as it is all the time.It´s good to have friends,you know..The only thing I really really hate is my teacher,but I don´t think that will interest you.Even if there are not that much persons in here.

I would like to talk about my friend Kadaj,Chrissi,whatever.I don´t remember his name,my brain isn´t the best one.To bad he had to go for one week since yesterday,every day with him was awesome.No,he wasn´t here in Vienna,but it still is a pleasure to see the green signe behind his ICQ-name.It makes my day a little better everytime.

Yeah,as you know,I don´t have much friends,I really like,and I don´t know if they´re happy if I like them,but I simply want to have someone I can hang on.I need someone to hang on,because I don´t think I could handle my live without any friends.Sure I could,sure I would live on,but my life would seem a lot more lonely.My friends would leave an empty space.

For every person in the world,there is a tiny treasure,which waits for the owner.Sometimes you need your whole life to find it,and sometimes you find it very early.But I´m sure,you´ll find it.And with that treasure,your life becomes much lighter.It´s on you,how long the light will flush through your flesh (Wordgame),but this treasure can make you happy for a long,or even a short time.

And I´m sure,I´ll find my treasure too.I just have too look for it.And mybe I´ve found it already,because my friends are my treasure.Who knows..

So I´ll go to sleep and wish you all a very good night,

sleep tight,


22.2.07 23:06

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Zissa (23.2.07 00:04)
How did u get the idea to read this article? O.o
But I'm more interested in this: What did change ur mind? Life isn't that f***ed up as it was a few days ago?
And next question? Since when, did u stop hating Kadaj...[OMG! I'm trying to ignore the quote of Emma Thompson out of 'Love Actually' doesn't work 'since when did my bottom stop beeing my bottom(...)?'But I am not writing Alan Rickman's answer, otherwise I#ll be pissing my self laughing, which I am doing anyway...but well...back to >>>] ...or was it u hating him? Öhm...anyway...I read ur Shortplay O.o very interesting... after a few posts on the last page I stoped... U know I have enough trouble with my charming husband, because of such stuff XD
*lol* I didn't get the point with the tiny treasure, but maybe I#m to tired for that...
Btw: It's 'play upon words' or just 'pun' and not 'wordplay'
Sleep well,dream of Shakespeares ideal of beauty ^^ Oh yeah nice Exercise to think about before you sleep. Are you like Shakespeare?

Dante (23.2.07 13:28)
Ah, think you could describe the whole situation by a few three words I'd like to fucking cry out with deathscream, those are "After the Sepulture". Maybe a part of you has been buried somewhere - dunno how it came to the point where you gave up laughing about Kadaj (yeah, and it *is* "Kadasch", actually) and started to like him, but it seemed like now a period has come which is most easily describe by "after" - anyway, like your opinion 'bout the treasures, you get my full 5 points.

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